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Coffee Factory Roasters - About Us

About Us


Made in Red Lodge, Montana

The finest Arabica coffee beans – roasted daily in small 5 lb batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness – right here in Red Lodge, Montana. Enjoy! !


Taste The Difference

Have you ever had a cup of coffee that tasted bitter and wondered if this is normal? The simple answer is: no. At Coffee Factory Roasters we roast our beans differently to eliminate the bitter taste while enhancing the rich taste of our beans.  We roast only the finest beans in a state-of-the-art Sivetz Air Roaster. An air roaster uses air flow, like an air popcorn popper, to keep the coffee beans moving during the roasting process – instead of relying on a drum to move the beans. Therefore the beans are never resting against the sides of the machine – unlike the steel drum roasters, which can scorch the beans if they rest against the metal. The forced air also removes the chaff layer from the coffee and prevents tar and carbon to buildup on the surface, which is exactly what causes coffee to taste bitter.

Air roasters actually produce better tasting beans with a distinct flavor profile. Cup characteristics include superior flavor development with a notably clean taste. This is why Coffee Factory Roasters roasts coffee beans in a Sivetz Air Roaster where you can taste the difference with each cup you enjoy.

Coffee Factory Roasters
22 S. Broadway Ave
Red Lodge, MT 59068

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